Bimak Associates Team Abuja Law Firm barristers and solicitors

Making a Difference for Our Clients

Bimak Associates is a leading law firm based in the heart of Abuja, the Federal Capital of Nigeria, but with practice stretching across the globe. We are a full-service law firm engaged in active law service delivery tailor-made to suit our client’s need as we mirror down on each client’s need.

The zeal in the work environment is second to none as we view the need of our client as a task that must be handled with dispatch. Our watchword is “why push to tomorrow a task which can be done today.” Currently, we have an array of dedicated Lawyers practicing with the firm who are passionate about what they do as they possess in-depth knowledge of the law. We collaborate as a team in order to produce excellent results for our clients at all times.

Bimak Associates is a creation of an imaginative mind. What has evolved here is an atmosphere which is both professional and educative for the benefit of all our members, clients and the society at large as we firmly believe that law is a tool of social engineering. We encourage continuous learning for our team members in all aspects of life therefore education for us is not limited to only matters of law, but transcends leadership studies, politics, commerce and economics etc.

We motivate our team members to be outstanding wherever they find themselves as we encourage and give equal opportunities to all in the firm regardless of tribes, tongues, race or creed. We have an array of skilled, dedicated, hardworking and passionate staff that play a fundamental role in the great success of the firm. We also accept applications from legal practitioners who are passionate hardworking and open-minded.


Engender a better world through law as a tool of social engineering


We value excellence, team spirit, good time management, speed in service delivery, good interpersonal relationship, hard work, loyalty, client’s satisfaction and the fear of God.


Law practice like no other

Company Profile

We have a commitment to clients to enhance their experience by improving services in the most cost-efficient way and aim to maintain a premium-class Law Firm with the intent to deliver excellent services and solutions to our clients.

Bimak Associates Team Abuja Law Firm barristers and solicitors